Friday, September 2, 2011

30-day Blogging challenge - Day 2 - Where would I like to be in 10 years

Where would I like to be in 10 years
Good question, one that keeps changing. In the 90s, my 10-year goal was to earn the rank of Sergeant Major. Alas, an injury and other events caused that goal to get sunsetted. In the late 90s and early 2000s my goal was to be a successful business person. Pushing for big, better, best, and allowing myself to get into the "The one with the most toys wins" syndrome was very taxing. I was very goal-oriented and ambitious, well, truth is I'm still very goal oriented. These aren't necessarily bad character traits, but they can be when personal priorities get out of sync. Poor priorities equals poor personal relationships which equals extra stress, which is very avoidable.

So, what is my new 10-year goal? First, I want to be debt free, including our house, if at all possible.

Being debt free will lift a great burden as well as required commitments that keeps us tightly bound to home and work and away from our extended family. Being debt free would allow us to visit with our children and grandchildren more often. What a great joy that will be!

Next, I want to be better acquainted with my guitar, which has grown very lonely over the years . My piano and clarinet are also crying out for attention.

I want to be more involved in ministry, whether it is supporting a ministry or actively leading one, whatever door the Lord opens. It is so inspiring watching what the Lord is doing in the lives of the young people around me. I want to roll up my sleeves to get more involved as well. I would be so exciting to have the Lord open a door to a ministry overseas. However, I know there are vast fields right here at home that need attention as well. So, wherever the Lord leads, I will follow.

So, where will I be in 10 years? Only the Lord knows. I'm looking forward to seeing what great gifts He has in store for me.

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