Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 3 Blogging Challenge - My Views on Drugs and Alcohol

Day 3 - My view on drugs and alcohol

Somebody really worked on these questions to keep people either (a) out of their comfort zone, or (b) on their soapbox.

My view on drugs, and I'm assuming the creator of this list is referring to illicit and/or recreational drug use, I don't agree with the practice. It is dangerous because the drugs lower inhibitions and create more avenues for people to be taken advantage or, get hurt, or hurt others. If the drugs used aren't lower inhibitions, then they are amping up the person's metabolism and heart rate in order to "stay alert" and party longer. I've heard so many excuses over the years as to why drug use is cool, most being "It helps me relax and feel good." Yes, when I was younger, that was me. Now that I'm older, I have to shake my head and wonder, why in the world did I want to be in situations where I was so uncomfortable that I had to drug myself in order to have a "good time." What was I thinking? Well, that's an easy question to answer. I wasn't thinking. I was trying to be part of the "cool" people. I wish I could reach out to my younger self and talk some sense into me.

As for alcohol, that is an exceptionally touchy subject around here. Yes, alcohol is in the Bible. Yes, they drank wine. However, there are so many warnings in the Bible, as well as in our current culture, to drink responsibly. Absolutely no good comes from getting drunk, not in Noah's time and not now. The smartest and safest thing by far is simply, don't do it.

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