Thursday, October 22, 2009

Book Review - "Little Sins, Big Problems" by Sarah Onderdonk

This book is a wonderful little treasure! The author shares her own vulnerabilities with us, and does so touchingly and with humor. Then she points out the "little" sins that we probably very often over look, or hope aren't seen, again with compassion, humor and the Bible to help us deal with these issues. Vanity, shopping for that new skirt just to look better then someone else; broken promises, or failing to followup on what we said we would do; boredom, just "having" to fill in silences with "news" of a friend, etc. This book will make a marvelous Bible study and/or women's discussion topic. Of course, men have the same sins as we do, but this book is directed more towards women's stumbling blocks like "competitive shopping". I highly recommend this book. But don't make the mistake I made and think that just because it is small that it will be a quick read, it is loaded with things to make you stop and think. I spent a lot of time putting this book down to pray for forgiveness over things I had overlooked as sins, and spent much time in contemplation of myself and my actions before I picked the book back up to digest another chapter. I want to share this book with a lot of friends and family, but I will be giving them their own copies. I know I'll be going through this book a few more times to learn some more about myself. (originally reviewed Aug 2003)

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