Thursday, October 29, 2009

Where has the week gone?

Wow...another wow! It is already Thursday. The week has just flown by. Does time speed up as we get older, or is this something occuring because of the fast-paced life I've set for myself? It has to be the life pace because time hasn't changed. God set time in motion and it is a I know that this rush, rush, rush is all my doing.

This morning, however, I had one of those "SLOW DOWN" moments. On my way home from the gym I always listen to the radio...usually a Christian radio station (if the signal will cooperate). This morning I caught an entire episode of Focus on the Family. Yes, another WOW.  Today's episode was an episode with an amazing family, the Barrett family. This family lives in Colorado and has 9 children...5 of whom are adopted. Not such a big deal, right? Oh, but it is. They were led to troubled children, children who were literally categorized as being "unadoptable" for many different reason...institutionalized children. Still...this is the direction God led them and they listened and followed Him. That is incredible enough...but on this same broadcast they aired interviews with the children themselves...okay...yes another WOW.  Oh my goodness, the insight these young people have. They tell unabashedly how their parents love them, and loved them through some very trying circumstances of the children's own making. A self-protection mode of causing chaos and strife that the children had grown accustomed to push people away before they could push them away.  But these parents were there for them forever. But the truly awesome testimony these children gave was that they see every day how their family, their parents who chose them, turn to God and follow Him daily.  That is so, so awesome.

Link to The Barretts: An Amazing Adoption Story (part 1 of 2) (

Then I realized that as incredible as this family's story is....a story of adopting "unadoptable" children...God's story is even more incredible. I'm adopted by God into His family. I was definitely "unadoptable." I was such an ugly sinner that God couldn't even look upon me, I couldn't come into His presense. Yet, God wanted me as part of His family.  So, in order to adopt me, He sent His only suffer and die as a sacrifice.  A sacrifice that totally covered my sin...MY SIN...not Jesus' sin because He was totally sinless...but MY SIN in His precious blood so that God could now look upon me. Because of God's sacrifice, His great mercy and love, I am now a daughter of the King and I have all the priviledges of a child of the King. I can go to Him whenever. This is such an amazing love, such an unselfish love that it boggles the mind.

Thank you, Lord, for opening the door for me...for continuing to knock and coming after bring Your child home to You. Oh Lord, help me stay forever close to You. Show me what You would have me to do for You. I want to always stay in Your will, always moving under Your Kingdome Authority because without You, I'm nothing. All praise, honor and glory are Yours, might King. In Jesus name I pray...Amen.

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