Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Welcome to my adventure

I have been thinking about getting back into writing for a long time. There are so many avenues to explore with writing these days. Who would have ever thought...way back when...that I could write with anything other than paper and pencil or a typewriter. Way back then I would write on just about anything...people, animals, landscape, travels; you name it, I'd write on it. Now we have computers (word processors), myspace, facebook, twitter, blogs...the options seem endless. Yet, I've been in such a dry spell writing-wise. Lately I've felt an overwhelming urge to write. So, it is time to plunge in.

This adventure will likely travel through uncharted virtual areas (landscapes in my mind), as well as through places I visit in real life. I'll do my best to describe and share what I experience. The ponderings will come as they likely do for everyone else...somewhat sporadically some days and moment-by-moment on other days.  Along the way I'll try to find some pictures to are said to be worth a thousand words after all.

So, as this day comes to a close a new chapter in my life adventure opens...sharing my thoughts with others. Lord, be with me as I venture out. Let me be a light for You. Amen.

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