Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Friday - It's early, but what a day already

Good morning. Rising early to great the Lord's new day is such a blessing. It is dark when I get out of my comfy bed, and oh so tempting to stay all cozy in the bed. But, when I know that there are blessings to getting up early to spend joyous quiet time with my Lord, out of the bed I go.

All days are wonderful, and today is the same, just in its own unique way. It is obvious that weather is trying to blow it. Gray clouds looking like murky gray cotton are stretched across the sky, rolling along like they are in a race. Periodically behind these racing clouds, lovely blue sky peeks through with some fluffy white clouds. What an interesting sight.  Every day there is something glorious from the Lord to rejoice in.

For a while now, my morning song has been accompanied by construction sounds of the road crews working on the nearby road. The plan is to turn the old clay road into a paved road, so I've been told. It seems to be a never-ending project because the road crews get everything looking wonderful, then the rains come. With the rains come people on their 4-wheel drive vehicles to play on the road, causing lots of damage. Even before this road project we'd tried getting the police involved to stop the damage, without much effect. Either the people would leave before the police arrived, or the police couldn't follow because the road was too hazardous due to the slick red clay.  Even though the landscape still looks pretty bad in the area after the new owner harvested the vast majority of the trees, it seems that the local wild life has decided it is once again safe to return.  I was trying to get some pictures this moring of the new landscape, the scrub brush that has grown up, and trying to frame a far off tree in the picture.  I was a bit annoyed with myself because I heard a noise to my left and failed to look in time. Lo and behold it was a doe and what appeared to be an older fawn.  The critters are back!  Well, I didn't get a picture of the deer, but I did find evidence that they are definitely active in the area.

Yes, the wonders of God's work are every where. Fall is upon us, yet when I walked the yard this morning not only were my azaleas looking quite lovely, but I found a beautiful red rose in bud. I had given up on my last rose bush, but God hadn't. It is still alive and still showing hope and promise. It reminded me of me. When I was dead inside, filled with and wallowing in sin, with nothing of worth to share with the world, God didn't give up on me. He sent His son to die for my sins so that I might have eternal life with Him, if only I would accept His gift. That sacrifice is so huge that I still don't fully understand it.  I've accepted that God did this for me, but when I think on it, trying to reason it out, it just leaves me speechless. I've often pondered if I could do what God did, sacrifice my child for someone else's life. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I couldn't do that. I could sacrifice myself for someone, but not my child. Thank you, God, for seeing me, seeing us, as we are, sinners, and for sending us the perfect sacrifice to redeem us from our sins, Your most precious Son, Jesus.

While I was spending time with the Lord this morning, He laid on my heart that I'm to write about a trial He has brought us through a few years ago. I learned long ago to not bargain with the Lord, but to accept the mission or ministry He gives. But...oh my....this task is definitely going to push me far out of my comfort zone. I've written in the past, but always total fiction with a lot of fun characters, intersting twists and color. This story will be a challenge since it is going to be either fact explaining how we dug a big hole and God pulled us out...or (and this may be a bigger challenge)...fictionalizing the situation and still sharing how God's miracles brought us through. Please keep me in prayer as I follow God's direction and guidance for this writing project.

On to see what this wonderful Friday has in store.

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